This is Agile Rowan Berry, and his call name is Rowan.

He was born 06-Feb-2016 out orowantable29sept2016namedx300f CH Agile Poetry In Motion and CH Agile Start Your Engines CGN, and has matured into a 16.5 -inch boy. Rowan is looking forward to starting his adventures with his mom Marilyn Backman in California at the end of Feb. 2017, He’s eager to attend advanced obedience class and rocking agility classes.



This is such a fun fella! His attitude is always ‘all-in’. This is a go anywhere dude.



Having some fun in the show ring as a Jr. Puppy Male

A bit of practice helps


Rowan cST13WeeksPosersNiceHarrison10May2016x300_0729an be seen in the pursuit of toys and treats!


A few memories from his puppy-hood  scottishtreatsday3x250_8057

rowanday0side_6feb2016x300  rowaneyesmeetambrosecrate4mar2016x300 rowan18daysheadclosex300  rowtabsugoutsidecute6mar2016x300

Sugar on the bottom, Tablet and Rowan looking at the camera – what a trio!

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