April 8, 2018 we welcomed the Galaxy Litter by Annette adn Roddy. We have 2 tri boys and 1 tri girl.

The ‘Puppy Cam’ page is up and running to catch many great moments of the first weeks.





We have had our ‘Tribute’ themed pups on the 27th of July 2017. Annette and Roddy are proud to have 3 boys and 4 girls, all beautiful and sassy tri’s and blue merles. The ‘Puppy Cam’ page had streaming video that caught many great moments,  and ran daily till the pups where 8 weeks old.

These pups are all spoken for.








We have had our ‘Cookie’ themed pups in the early hours on the 18th of May 2017. Ambrose and Ian are proud to have 4 boys and 2 girls, all beautiful sables. The ‘Puppy Cam’ page had streaming video was run daily till the pups where 8 weeks old.

Growing big and getting around at 4 weeks of age:

These pups are happily growing in their forever homes.

Cooper and Annette’s Prince and Princess litter arrived in the wee hours of Oct. 30, 2016.  Everyone is doing well, and Annette is adjusting to motherhood like she was a natural. We have 3 blue merle girls and one black tri boy.



At 5 weeks old, these pups are lots of fun. They are having fun meeting new friends, tasting new foods, chewing on new items and everyone is adjusting to eating real puppy food. They were pretty happy when the real meal arrived.




This is Princess Belle, Prince Charming and Princess Mulan having their first tastes and textures of foods. The cheese-wiz on the celery was hit, the bread did ok, yet the carrots and apples were greatly ignored.

pm5wkscrosspawspoppettail8dec2016x300_1517 Princess Mulan is posing for photos

pc5wkslegrester8dec2016x300_1520 Prince Charming is taking a break on my leg… you know: a guy has to stay close to the action so he doesn’t miss anything.

pb5wksposing6dec2016x300_1510 Princess Belle thought her bum would fit on the toy pillow

ptheadclose8dec2016x300_1530 Princess Tiana has a partial blue eye.

4-week old pups are getting their legs and exploring their world

pm4wksnewsurfaces30nov2016x300_0869 Mulan bravely trucks across the new surfaces

pc4wksrollsurface30nov2016x300_0856 Prince Charming likes all the new toys


At 5 days old some cute photos got grabbed.

annettepcleghang5days4nov2016x300_8996 pbptneckstuffie5days4nov2016x300_9008 ptheadandsidenamedday5x300_9158

At 4 days old these little gaffers are getting fat and growing fast!

annettebelle4days3nov2016x800_9065 belle4dayscurlednamed3nov2016x800_9071 mulancharmcuddle4days3nov2016x800_9095 mulantianacuddle4days3nov2016x800_9143 charmhangingout4days3nov2016x800_9123


The Prince and Princesses are here!

annettepnphoursoldwarmbox30oct2016x300_7894 annettenewbabywet30oct2016x300_8726  pbheadnamedday2x300_8946  pcheadnamedday2x300_8924  pmheadnamedday2x300  ptheadnamedday2x300_8968

We are planning on breeding a litter of sables in the spring of 2017.

Pups are from our most recent  litter. They are placed in their forever homes and growing into young adults.

ProudParentsMdx400We were so excited to hear the sounds of tiny paws again as we have a litter on the ground.

ScottishTreatsDay3x250_8057 Ch. Agile Poetry In Motion CGAmbroseNewBabiesDay0x250_7950N CD (Poet) was bred to Ch. Agile Start Your Engines CGN (Ambrose), and whelped 4 sable boys and 2 sable girls Feb. 6, 2016.





What fun we’ve been having fun! ST9wksLineupBest10Apr2016x300





These puppies are all doing well with their new families, and Tablet, Rowan and Sugar are growing up here at Agile

We are accepting applications for our next litter. For more information, email us at agileshelties@shaw.ca

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