This is Agile Scottish Treat, and his call name is Tablet.

He was born 06-Feb-2016 out of CH Agile Poetry In Motion and CH Agile Start Your Engines CGN, and has matured into a 15.25 -inch boy. ST13WeeksPosersNiceHarrison10May2016x300_0729Tablet is loved full time by Lora Pronger and is eager to have new found adventures,  be a star in obedience class and rock the agility classes.

We look forward to photos and updates to share on his web page.



At 15 months of age, Tablet rocks at a CARO (rally-obedience) trial May 2017.

Had a little fun in the Show ring as a Jr. Puppy Male

Practice and Posing

tablettablestand29sept2016namedx300 tabletstandniceharrison18aug2016x300

Out having fun with friends and family

tabletjohnwatchingshow25sept2016x300 tabletweaveface11aug2016x300 tabletcontact11aug2016_16x9x300 tabletjumpface11aug2016_x300 tablettonguebucketalmost31july2016x300 tabletreneeswimrelaxcl31july2016x300

Candids from Tablets puppy-hood

tabletday0side_6feb2016x300 tabetsleeping3mar2016_16x9x400 tablet1weekfront13feb2016x300 tabletsleepytoys4wks5mar2016x300 tabletathodundeeloutside25feb2016x400 tabletwantsmilk3weeks27feb2016x300 tabletnewcollaroutsidebd5weks12mar2016x300 tabletheaddown5wksbd12mar2016x300 tablet7wksbacktobednamed29mar2016x300 tablet8wksfront5apr2016x300

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