Performance = finding something you and the dog love to do


BellaEOJump2016x300Kim and Bella at the European Open Championship in France, 2016

PoppetJump_14July2012_x200Poppet loves her agility

ShiverRegJ1_JumpStart_June2013x300Shiver at the BC Yukon Regional Championships 2014

BristolSaraShowTable4Apr2015x350Bristol handled by Sara, earns his Canadian Championship.

PrestonFCIWorlds2012Preston and Justine were on the Canadian World team 2010 – 2015

PoetLongSit3Apr2015x300Poet looks beautiful as he earns his Canadian Companion Dog title in obedience

ZipHappyJumpx300Zip with the biggest smile as he burns up the agility course!

ShineChuteOct2015x300Shine swoops through the chute, USDAA 2015

more to come!