Here’s the scoop:

I’ve got some exciting breeding plans for my line of dogscoralquincy2014photoeditx400 in 2017. Perhaps you’re willing to plan and wait on a short list for a fabulous Agile pup.

All pups will be available to go to their forever homes when they are 8 weeks old.   The many sire & dams are Canadian Champions and are thoroughly screened for hip, elbow, VWB, eye and thyroid disorders. Many tests can be found on the OFA website (for example ). As breedings are confirmed, the sire and dams and their full names are available on the breeding page on this website.

Pups leave having current vaccinations and vet check, and have been permanently identified with a tattoo:

These purebred Shetland Sheepdogs are registered with the CKC and sold on spay/neuter contracts. Owners are expected to take at least one set of Puppy Kindergarten classes with their new pups shortly after the new owners take possession. Pet and performance pups are $1500, have been given the best start in life possible, come from outstanding lines, and are supported for their lifetime by the breeder. Show and breeding prospects will be priced on an individual basis and are only available on a special contract that includes a co-ownership agreement.

The first thing I request is to receive the’ get to know you’ application for an Agile pup. This gives me some information to help me ensure you get the right pup for you and your family. Many questions have no right or wrong answers but are presented to provoke thought and discussion.  Be as descriptive as you can about your activity level, what you want and don’t want in a pup, the characteristics of our breed that you like, but remember the more gender/color restrictions you have the harder it is for me to find the perfect pup for the prospective owner. Please don’t get too worried about all this, just fill it out the best you can, and send it back to me via email as a word .doc when you’re ready.

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Here’s my plan: get the application back from prospective puppy owners and give the folks time to decide if an Agile pup is a right fit for them by sharing videos and then setting up a face to face meeting of people and any available sire or dam dogs. If the prospective owner likes what they see, I’ll add them to the puppy list. Once pups are on the ground I’ll notify folks and will then be asking a deposit on a pup. The first 8 weeks of a pup’s life is a great time to invite folks out to be part of the social and handling of pups that’s done (if it’s do-able due to a person’s location) and share the live video feed URL once that’s set up.

I eagerly await any questions you may have – so feel free to shoot some this way.

Thank you for your interest in my dogs. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers ~ Renee